SME Earth Chat: Diving SME promotes Ocean Protection

2021-01-22| Stephen Au, experienced Diver and Trainer


Hong Kong is surrounded by water and made up of 263 islands. It has 6 Marine Parks and one Marine Reserve. According to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong Kong has 84 stony coral species and 26 soft coral species, more than the Caribbean’s!


Hong Kong is situated at the top of the Southeast Asia Coral Delta, where saline and fresh water meets to provide the ideal living conditions for marine species. According to the latest survey, Hong Kong has almost 400 fish species. To appreciate Hong Kong’s beautiful marine biodiversity, the best way is to dive in and have a personal experience.


Our diving school was established over 20 years ago, our core business is to sell diving gears and offer diving training as well as to promote local diving activities. Our business is directly impacted by the conditions of the marine environment. Ocean rubbish, pollution and destruction will discourage public’s interest and enjoyment in water sports and diving. As you see, sustainability of our business is symbiotically linked with the ocean.



That is why, as a key stakeholder, we go beyond making business, to advocate the importance of marine ecology conservation. Every year, we organized coral survey, coastal cleanup as well as clearing abandoned fishnets on the seabed. This way, we try to raise awareness of the divers.


In the recent 2 years, we launch the "Coastal Cleanup Marathon”, to mobilize divers’ continuous participation to clear ocean and coastal rubbish. We wish to combine water sport leisure with eco-volunteering.



Shoot Photos Not Fish! We set an example of not selling spear guns. Instead, we organized underwater photography activities. Leave Bubbles Not Rubbish! We promote marine protection with beautiful underwater images.


We can all protect the ocean and the environment in our daily lives. For example we encourage our customers to bring their own bags to buy diving gears; not to eat sharks fin; use clean fuels for cars etc. We can all help to reduce waste, ocean rubbish, air pollution and damage to the environment.


Although we SME have limited resources, we can lend a voice and a hand to protect our Planet Earth, if we give more thoughts and make more effort.


Photo source: Stephan Au

Article source:friends of the earth SME Earth Chat