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Who Can Join

Full Member(Invitation only)

To qualify as a FULL member of the HKSMESS, your organization :

1. Small and Medium Enterprise

2. Has been successfully included in the Hong Kong SMEs Business Sustainability Index (HKSMEBSI), organized by the Centre for Business Sustainability (CBS) at the CUHK Business School.  

i. Manufacturing firms which employ fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or

ii. Non-manufacturing firms (including firms engaged in construction; mining; quarrying; electricity and gas; import and export; wholesaling; retailing; catering; hotel; transport; warehouse; insurance; real estate; business service; community, social and personal service) which employ fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.

3. Must have a valid business registration.

4. Might be asked to provide proof of CSR or sustainability related practices to demonstrate that your company has been taking measures to operate responsibility or contributing to positive social and environmental sustainability.

5. Might be asked to provide a recommendation for your membership application by current members.


Affiliate Member

Companies that meet the above requirements but have not participated in the HKSMEBSI can join an affiliate member.


Membership Rights

- Full Members shall enjoy all benefits of the Society’s at member rates. Click Here for details of Membership Benefits (to discuss)

- Members shall receive regular copies of the Society's publications, circulars, schemes or programmes introduced by the Society from time to time.

- Full Members shall have full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and shall be allowed to nominate its own members or other members to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting.

- Full Members shall be allowed to participate in all sub-committees either by invitation or voluntary participation.


Subscription Rates


Annual Membership Fee



Affiliate (invitation only)




1. If such subscription is not paid within 30 days from the date of a request to remit the subscription to the Society, the membership of such member shall be void, unless he satisfies the Board of Directors that the delay in payment was due to absence from Hong Kong or other sufficient cause.

2. If the member fails to participate in the HKSMEBSI for 3 consecutive rounds (i.e 6 years), the membership of such member shall be void regardless of the subscription status.

3. The right to include or exclude any company into the HKSMEBSI to be retained in the Centre for Business Sustainability (CBS). The Society Board and CBS will ensure a fair and transparent screening process.

 4. Membership fee is charged on an annual basis for members joining between 1 April and 30 September. Membership fee is charged on a half-year basis for members joining between 1 October and 31 March of the next year.


How to apply

To Apply for Full Member(Invitation only):

1. Online Application

2. Submission of application documents


To Apply for Affiliate Member:

1. Online Application

2. Submission of application documents


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